About Us

The activity of GaleriDali is to present the works of today's Turkish artists and painters to the interest and taste of art lovers and especially of those who have not been in close contact with the art of painting, within accessible budgets. In this context, we support art and artists by organizing online auctions.

Our priority is to promote pieces of art from our young artists with an ongoing academic career and/or who have recently graduated through online auctions, and thus to discover or to conduce to discovery of new and successful Turkish artists.

It is a fact that our country lacks a general sense of awareness when it comes to fine arts just as in several other art branches, that the concepts of art and artist are limited to some disciplines, and interest even in traditional arts is finite. On the other hand, we recently see an increase in the visibiility of art for an ever growing number of people through the social media and in the possibility of a wider access to art particularly via online auctions. GaleriDali now appears before you as an organization with a focus to amusement rather than income, with a mission to get together new art lovers and potential collectioners who has a desire to, although haven’t yet, met art with our new, national and local artists. In a sense of affiliation to the principle of universality of art, GaleriDali works both to bring to the global arena our local artists and to introduce the pieces of art from some pioneering and examplar artists of the world, who have earned our appreciation, to the people of our country.

GaleriDali conducts its activities within the structure of Güneşten Construction Management Design and Consultancy, and besides the design and applications of the exhibition and museum areas, also provides interior design consultancy support regarding the selection and placement of the artworks, by evaluating the relations of artworks with interior architecture considering such criteria as work, style, time, size etc.